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The Book of Life

Every so often a book lands in your lap at the right moment. You are ready to hear the message, you are ready to be swept away, you are ready to be remade.

When I first read a Discovery of Witches I was knee-deep in other lore based novels and found the love affair between Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont endearing. What hooked me was Deborah Harkness’ ability to weave an intricate mystery steeped in political intrigue with a love story older than time.

But this isn’t even the most interesting piece of her trilogy. Yes, there is love neverending, bloodshed, victory, etc. but above all else there is a bit of reality hidden in the weft. For the modern practitioner looking for threads of truth, Harkness has done an amazing amount of research on the subject of witchcraft. My only complaint is that what she unearthed could (and should!) easily fill a tome in its own right.

The third book in the series does not leave readers wanting.