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The Lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri

The prose in this novel is written so that time and memory drift through the pages much in the same way they do in reality. Some moments blurred together artfully, masterfully; decades passing like a flowing river; other moments written word-for-heartbeat so that you’re there with the mother of a revolutionary as she bear’s witness to an event that will change the course of her entire family. 

It’s not that Lahiri’s writing isn’t beautiful, it certainly is, but that there are no extraneous thoughts, not a word out of place, not a moment over-lingered. The Lowland is like a well-used cast iron pan, no rough edges and forged in fire. The novel follows a family from post-independence India to modern day America. The choices each person makes a reflection of their own values as well as the values of their country and their circumstance. 

A must read for lovers of historical fiction (or even just plain old history). Sad, deep, enriching. Definitely not a light-read, but worth it! Pick your copy up at Cloud and Leaf.