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Where’d You Go, Berndette

There was an article I read recently regarding a shaman’s perspective on mental illness; the gist of it was that western culture is too quick to medicate. Rather than embrace the discord in a body as a calling from the other side, a sign that something is out of balance and needs to change, western medicine can only eradicate.

And just like when the blackberries threatening to take over the hillside of a quiet Seattle neighborhood are removed in the middle of one of the worst rain storms in history, a lot more than mud gets dislodged when weed eradication occurs.

Bernadette Fox isn’t crazy, and when you read through the correspondence her daughter finds after her disappearance you might begin to wonder just what is crazy.

This novel is a beautifully written story of the northwest yuppy that can only bitch and moan when their luncheon is disturbed because they’ve never encountered any real problem outside of having to design the new logo for their child’s private kindergarten. It is a piece of comic genius and a tale of love that blossoms in the most unlikely places.

An absolute must read, especially if anyone in your life has complained about your weeds growing onto their property. It makes sense that author Maria Semple has also contributed to comedy classic Arrested Development.