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Barbara Kingsolver – Flight Behavior

A story as rich and delicate as its subject matter, Monarch butterflies that overwinter in Tennessee instead of Mexico. A woman saved by the vision of fire on the tree tops that has no sound and no heat returns to her family changed. Although at first she is sure that she walks invisible through her life, the change informs her there is no refuge in a small town. No hiding from a bad relationship. No running away from despair. 

Until she is offered a challenge that lights her life like her vision, “being with me without being with men.” Precisely. Finding all of the bits and pieces of yourself you threw away for other people in the joy of dissecting bisecting the world into neat boxes. Silent witness of the death of a species. Watching your world float away only to find you’re completely at peace with the outcome. 

If this resonates with you then Flight Behavior is a must read. The story of a small town family feverishly brought to the present century and all of its complications over the landing of the smallest of creatures. Her best work yet.